Biking on Atolls

Biking on Atolls

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Flew into Singapore from Kota Kinabula and cut it a bit short to get on the ship. The flight originally planned to land at 5PM was delayed by a bit more than an hour. All check-in was to be complete by 8PM. So I arrived in Singapore at about 6:15PM, gathered up my cruise bag from left luggage that I'd left in Singapore On November 2, waited for a cab. Things were going pretty well until we got into near grid-lock traffic. Still managed to get on the ship by about 7:40PM. The ship was still in port for another day, but I wouldn't have wanted to pay for a hotel night or have the hassle.

The next day I set out to see two sites

- The Singapore Flyer, like a giant ferris wheel. I think it is like the one in London though I have not been on that one.

View from the Singapore Flyer - the Marina Bay Sands hotel can be seen here. The main attraction is the roof top pool.

City view from Singapore Flyer.

- The Marina Bay Sands hotel pool -

Pretty amazing.

Singapore has changed a lot since I was last there - so much new construction and I'm pretty sure a fair amount of land fill - it seems like Beach street keeps getting to be more inland with each visit. Transportation super easy to use.

Singapore subway - Pepsi ad written on stair risers.

On a bad note - No internet! Unfortunately there was no internet cafe to be found in Singapore - not that they don't exist but more likely there are fewer available when the population all has internet at home.


  1. Super excellent photos! Thanks. Are you back now? When do you leave again?


  2. Hey Vici! It was so great talking to you, Susan, and Judy the other day! Though you already know this now... I got back on December 15. I think it would be unpopular for me to run back out again right away, but I have been taking a peek at airfares and possibilities! I'd really like to get to five more places on that list. You know how I love to be driven by artificial deadlines! ;-)