Biking on Atolls

Biking on Atolls

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Port Klang, Malaysia - but mostly Kualu Lumpur

Our first cruise stop was on Monday, November 11 at Port Klang. As it turns out there is nothing at the port – not even an opportunistic souvenir stand. Prior to reaching port I had reviewed the excursion offerings by the ship. All were in around the 100 Euro price range and as there were nine ports it didn’t seem feasible to book an excursion for all the ports. However this left me at Port Klang with not a lot of land options.

I got off the ship to take a look around at the dismal prospects and met a couple who were looking for others to share the cost of hiring a taxi for the day. So instead of paying 100 Euros for a ship tour I spent the day with this couple from southern France at a cost of 30 US$. Yippee! I’d been to KL before so that was my justification to myself for not going again, but I was very happy to have the opportunity to go in again. I found my memories were pretty sketchy even for the places I’d been before and also the Petronas towers had not been built at that time and I had wanted to see them.

Petronas towers

View of Petronas towers from Menara Kuala Lumpur (aka KL Tower). This viewing tower was also not built the last time I visited KL and I was quite happy that the couple I was with was also interested in going to the top to see the views.

KL Tower and Petronas towers (very small in background to the right of KL Tower). You can't tell it here, but KL Tower is built on a hill top.

We thought this beautiful building was the KL railway station. After taking careful photographs we were informed the railway station was across the street. :-\

KL Railway Station

Back at the port. Here is our very friendly taxi driver and Dieter with Costa Romantica in background. These two guys played off each other all day - practically like attending a comedy show!

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